Sunday, October 28, 2018

Lazy Sunday morns

Smog season is back.

I hate it so much, because the onset of winters should be such a beautiful time to be in the city. It's the time to put on happy socks, drink plenty of hot teas, plan for year-end holidays, enjoy the festive season, gorge on good food, and mostly tell yourself that it's almost the end of a fantastic year, and all those failed resolutions can be rekindled again in the new year! Instead, I get these visions of me in a hazmat suit, in gray place filled with toxic fumes! :/ It really, really makes me angry!    

Sadly, I can't do much about the smog situation. At least right away. All I can do is just go with the flow, take in as few deep breaths as I possibly can, and plan on getting away from the city. Sometimes I wonder, do Delhi-ites really worry about smog and pollution, or is it just a number for them? I am beginning to hear the occasional cracker, and we are still more than a week from Diwali.

Anyhow, the smog situation aside, Sunday mornings are always happy, and I thought I'd treat myself to a bowl of fresh fruit and bar of nutty chocolate. I have started maintaining a bullet journal (of sorts), and I must say it is a game-changer! Breakfast in bed and journaling, followed by some work on the laptop. 

To be honest, I am feeling extremely lazy today, and I absolutely refuse to get out of bed. Lunch will definitely be a order-in. The past few weeks have been sort of hectic, and I think I deserve a lazy day. 

Speaking of fruit, ever think how incredible they are. Fruit is nature's gift to lazy souls like me - they come pre-packaged in a ton of different flavours, full of nutrients, and are all no-cook quick meals! :) Eat more fruit, guys! 

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