Saturday, September 1, 2018

I cooked a birthday meal!

I turned a year older last Monday.

I think I still don't feel - or act - very grown up, so my birthday is always a golden day for me. It's always exciting and there's always something wonderful to look forward to come what may. In the food department, 2018 has been splendid. And I gave myself a pat on the back for putting together a small brunch for friends. Well that was the part where I cooked. The rest of it doesn't matter here anyway, because here, we talk FOOD! 


Italian wedding soup
Mushroom and pesto pasta
Pan-fried chicken with asparagus 
Chocolate chia pudding

Brunch is served 

A healthy chocolate dessert finally!

For once my choice of dishes was smart because I could put together the entire meal in four hours flat - including all the washing, prepping, chopping, and what not. There was no stress even though I started at 8pm! Infact, everything was sorted by midnight. Hell, I even managed to take out my pretty dessert spoons and keep them ready for the morning. Maybe I did grow up a little bit, and got my share of wisdom finally!

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