Sunday, August 19, 2018

Hunt for the perfect yeast, and breadmaking

Like most others, I do like shopping. But if you ask me to spend a Sunday afternoon shopping for clothes at a mall, I'll probably find a way to excuse myself. Shopping for food is of course a different story. Show me a market selling anything to do with food, and I will be happy with or without company.

And so, last afternoon was spent at INA market. There were a couple of essentials that I had almost run out of and a few new ingredients I wanted to check out. I had my handy grocery list in my wallet, and Len for company. Really, the perfect kind of Saturday in the city. I find the prices for imported goods way more competitive at INA than elsewhere in Delhi. Also, it's convenient to have everything under one roof, well almost anyway.

We picked up a packet of dried active yeast and a loaf pan for breadmaking. I must admit, we have been quite unsuccesful at baking bread. Proofing the yeast has been a nightmare. And the dough would just not turn out right. I suspect it was the wrong kind of yeast. Or, perhaps we couldn't get the temperature right? But, all that changed today. Let's just say we were two-times lucky! The morning attempt was a disaster and we had a big bowl of wet, sticky dough that was NOT turning to bread or anything edible. We dumped it outside for the birds and squirrels to feast on. (And they did.) At noon, we switched recipes again and look how wonderfully it turned out!! 

I love how a teeny weeny bit of
butter can lend shine to the crust

Right before slicing the loaf

The original recipe can be found here.

Needless to say, I am thrilled. There is still a lot to learn when it comes to baking bread, but for now I am just thinking of ways to devour every golden slice. Here are my top three choices.
  • with a thick layer of homemade hummus, along with tomatoes, cucumber, and black olives
  • with some homemade peanut butter and jelly
  • toasted with butter

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