Saturday, April 7, 2018

Ummm... vegetarian please

For the longest time I have put off trying to go the veggie way because of two reasons primarily.  

One, it felt like it had to be a leap of faith with no prospects of going back. Something like a decision to buy a one-way ticket to Mars. And, so I had been putting it off because it just felt so scary, especially for someone brought up on a hearty diet of meat and fish and diary produce.

Two, even more crucial than point no.1 was the idea that I would be depriving myself of all the goodness that a non-vegetarian diet offered. Let's face it - soya over chicken? Beans over butter? A big no-no for any self-respecting meat lover!

But, here is what I have learnt. The switch from being a hardcore meat lover to a veggie lover need not happen overnight. I am still learning about finding alternatives and substitutes, while enjoying a non-vegetarian meal occasionally. Perhaps, an overnight change works for some people - like it did for my father and many others - but I think it's lot easier to make the shift gently. That way it no longer seems like a huge monster on your back, and you also give yourself time to fall in love with a lot of other kinds of food - whether vegetarian or vegan. There is some wonderful content out there that can help as a guide for anyone interested. I like to draw inspiration from others who have done this successfully, and learn from them. Tully Zander's wonderful blog for vegans, and indeed everything you need to know about going vegan can be found here here

I find that every since I decided to look the 'green' way, I have found the grass to be greener this side! When I look back at the kind of food I like to cook in my kitchen, I find that unknowingly there are loads of vegetarian and vegan recipes I enjoy. You can find them here. Also, lately when I go out to eat, I often try a new dish, but meatless - something I would not have done before. Funny thing is, contrary to popular perception, when meat-lovers try vegetarian (or even vegan) dishes, they discover new kinds of food. Think about it, an average Indian's non-vegetarian choices of foods are limited to chicken and mutton. Few are pork/beef eaters, and if you only eat chicken or mutton you are trying variations of only two primary ingredients! But, think of the wide variety of vegetables we have. Instead of chicken, try asparagus or artichokes perhaps :) Who knows, you may love it? 

Last evening, I decided on going for a solo dinner at Big Chill, because everyone I wanted to meet already had Friday night plans, and Len had too. Besides, the weather was lovely. I headed to Khan Market, and enjoyed a big bowl of pasta - with mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, and my all-time favourite Blue cheese, instead of my favourite tuna salad that they serve. Worth the shot, I'd say! :)
Happy weekend, everyone!

Big Chill No.117