Thursday, October 6, 2016

Flu fighting and welcoming Durga Puja

Along with planning the festivities, I had landed one more task in my kitty. Nursing a viral. Delhi seems to be drowning a deluge of the evil-faced virus, a bit of a biological warfare as I like to call it. But keeping with the spirit of the times, I think I have been able to ward off the evil-spirited virus just in time to salvage some of my Pujo plans. I don't see myself wearing any heels this time thanks to my creaking, aching joints, but that is a small price to pay, if I can at least be up and about with friends and family. 

For most Bengalis and indeed for many others in the vicinity, Pujo comes with one immutable fact. No cooking at home. I mean, why cook when the entire neighbourhood is practically transformed into one giant food paradise? I delight in these every year but this year I thought I thought of making use of some of my time to cook up one big indulgent meal for the family. One of the perks of being ill is that it gave me plenty of time to search for the perfect recipes.

I have listed below the seven recipes that I want to try out in the next couple of days. The first three are from yet another great treasure-house of Bengali cooking. The second list is a mish-mash really - my own take on some classic recipes. These are perfect for a quick healthy sandwich or a quick meal and just the thing for rushed mornings and weeknights.

Recipes for Pujo (coming soon!)

Homemade preserves for the season (coming soon!)

  • Marinara sauce
  • Pesto sauce with fresh basil
  • Hung curd dip
  • Honey rolled oats

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