Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Adrak ki chai on a Tuesday morning

It has been the longest time.

Work has been very crazy and even after a quick weekend getaway to the city of lakes and palaces - Udaipur - I can't seem to shake off that feeling of push and shove of city life. I woke up resolved to skip work, and instead stay at home to unwind. After sending a couple of important messages I turned off the cell phone. Now, there are some things I absolutely abhor and one that tops the list is a messy room. Clutter. How I hate that word! And that is exactly how everything around me looked. From an unmade bed, to a sink full of dirty dishes, dust on the shelves, what not - I resolved to de-clutter, clean out my apartment. 

I thought I'd begin the day with my favourite adrak ki chai, and while that was getting done, went to brush my teeth, only to come back to the kitchen to find that the milk had boiled over. So much for relaxing with a hot cuppa!

But, anyway it is done and here I am punching out the keys while sipping my not-so-perfect chai - a somewhat halfway decent hot milky beverage that will probably set the tone for the rest of my day. 

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