Thursday, June 2, 2016

Potassium Bromide: What all we being fed?

Despite my staunch dislike of newspapers and anything to do with them, a news item caught my eye the other day. A recent probe and investigation by a team from the Centre of Science and Environment (CSE) found traces (or perhaps more) Potassium bromide and Potassium iodate in samples of popular brands of bread being sold in the country. A little more reading revealed both these agents to be potential carcinogens. Not only packaged products by fast food joints such as Dominoes, Pizza Hut, KFC, McDonalds - all add these carcinogens to their dough. Personally I am not a fan - in fact I can not remember the last time I called for a pizza or a burger from any of these places - why have sub-standard pre-packaged stuff, if there is better stuff to be made at home?!

Anyhow, this revelation seems have caused a slight stir in the bread making industry because yesterday when I went to purchase a loaf, I see that Harvest Gold (one among the brands having higher levels of this carcinogen in its product) was selling all its products with a little sticker saying "Potassium Bromide FREE". Is this really true? As a Virgo, my instinct has always been of suspicion and I find it hard to believe if this would be entirely true or not. Are we as consumers in a position to really know what we get?

From antibiotics being injected into fish and poultry to slaughterhouses that run without any proper regulations in place, vegetables and fruits being grown out of season, kept in cold storage, coloured with harmful colouring agents to packaged food that is an absolute no-no for anyone looking for healthy food, there is no dearth of the bad stuff out there in the market!

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