Friday, January 1, 2016

Cookies anyone? Hamentaschen for 2016

Hamentaschen for new year's eve. These look a little dark because by the time I finished
it was evening already :)

The blog turns One! Yippee!

And a Happy New Year to all :)

I thought I'd mark the day with a special something... and yesterday got the oven ready for some Jewish cookies - Hamentaschen. This is also to say a thank you to our Design Manager at DK, Sudakshina, who is now blissfully on her way to join her husband at his beautiful home in the hills. She bought really thoughtful goodbye presents for all of us, and I wanted to use mine. These cute pink measuring cups are now sitting pretty in my kitchen. All in all, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to bring out the oven and indulge in some holiday season baking.

Pink and pretty
Ready to go into the oven
With some extra strawberry preserve on the side

My Hamentaschens' were not perfect, but they were fun to make and perhaps next time around I'd get the dough right quicker. I used the recipe from Tori Avey's website here. It is a great recipe for a beginner; just that I had to use about 1/4 cup more flour to get the dough to the right consistency. For the filling, I used a home-made strawberry preserve. These are like centre-filled sugar cookies, although they are not cookies in the traditional sense. But I think they would make a great side with coffee in the morning or perhaps to beat pangs of hunger at 4pm at work.

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