Monday, August 24, 2015

The Party!

It would be entirely untrue to say that I have not been cooking. In fact I could say that in the last month or so, or at least since I blogged last, I have cooked quite a lot of nice-ness! But, I have been lazy mostly, especially after returning home from work and cooking and walking Cheeku (my dog), etc etc. In fact I don't think I took notes of anything I made; and neither did I click any pictures. And so, after more than a month of break, I am sort of sheepishly looking at my screen wondering what I should write about.

Ok, so, to begin with, there was 'the' party of course. Yep, Len and I decided to host a smallish party, something in between a birthday party (mine, a week later) and it's-great-to-be-alive party (a lot of hospital in-and-outs in the past couple of months). We planned, and plotted, and shopped, and cleaned, and I obsessed over it for a good two weeks! But, it all turned out great and we had a jolly good time! Of course, it wasn't all hunky-dory - between panicking over curdled chocolate and a pasta that went too dry, a BBQ sauce that seemed to taste a little off and baked fish that seem a bit too moist - I fumbled and blundered all the way through, but at the end of the night, most of the food was gone, I think I did alright, thanks to all the help I got from Len and my folks :)

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  1. You nailed it -- from start to finish. The guests were raving about what was being served that rain-scared evening. Good -- no strike that -- great going!


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