Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Thinking aloud: How the pauper's breakfast led to the royal brunch

All through my days at school there was really no concept of breakfast in my life. Breakfast in those days meant the ubiquitous bread-butter-jam combination, along with a glass of warm milk - neither particularly appetizing at the wee hours of morning. The trouble with breakfast is that it obviously needs to take place early in the day - if I had my way I would love to whip up pancakes and poha each morning, only if they could be consumed at lunch! And so it happened that for most part of my school-going years and thereafter, I opted out of the meal, inadvertently making me fall in love with those rare holiday season elaborate morning meals. I have realized now that old habits indeed die hard and despite the deluge of information now available on the benefits of a king’s breakfast, it is still a difficult battle to win. But luckily necessity has led to great many inventions, and it is probably this problem with breakfast, that led to the birth of its generous big-hearted sibling - the brunch :) And thus, for me, and perhaps a great many others, nagging weekday breakfast have given way to luxurious weekend brunches! And as Wordsworth said once, it is abundance recompense! And looking by the number of restaurants offering brunch buffets all over the city, it may be stated with absolute  certainty that people indeed love a good brunch. For me, a good brunch maketh a good weekend - those wonderfully slow Sunday mornings that begin with a cup of steaming hot coffee and gradually build up to steady flow of friends at 11 am, all ready to tuck into a sumptuous home-made brunch menu!


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